About Laptop Friendly

The Laptop Friendly Trademark quickly shows you which cafes, restaurants, bars or hotels are suitable for working remotely, and assures you that the location meets the four basic requirements of the Laptop Friendly Trademark: fast Wi-Fi, accessible power outlets, good coffee, and comfortable chairs.

You’ll never have to waste precious time on searching a spot to work in again!

I own a cafe or restaurant

Are you looking to increase your clientele during quiet hours? Want an edge to your cafe or restaurant? Is your restaurant available for people to work on their laptops while enjoying your coffee or a nice meal? Laptop Friendly can help you!

The Laptop Friendly Trademark is designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers to quickly identify whether a public place has a comfortable place to work and if they are welcome to open their laptops there. You only need to meet four requirements:

  • Fast Wi-Fi
  • Sufficient power outlets
  • Good coffee
  • Comfortable chairs

Do you think you are Laptop Friendly? Here’s what we offer:

  • A yearly trademark sticker for your store and website
  • Promotion of your place on our website and social media
  • Access to our online and app platform
  • A network that spans all over the world

Visit our website to learn more and apply today!

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We keep adding new Laptop Friendly workspaces to our platform and we love a good tip from the people who’ve actually worked there! Let us know which place you think we should add by hitting the button below and we’ll make sure to add the location.

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Become an ambassador

Laptop Friendly is looking for ambassadors all over the world! Do you know the ins and outs of a city when it comes to working remote in its public places? Can you close a deal fast and smoothly? Then we need you :)!

We’ve started in The Netherlands, and we’re looking to grow all over the world. Therefore, we’re looking for people who can help us track down comfortable cafes, restaurants, bars, or hotels to work remotely from, talk to them, visit the location, and close the deal for the Laptop FriendlyvTrademark.

Depending on the size of the deal you’ll earn between $10-$15, for something that’ll likely take you an hour in total. Payment is done through Paypal.

If you’d like to help us out, please click the link below

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